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Shape of the hull of the new Apple tablet – we have seen it all, and how it will look like already decided. But still no pictures hardwar.Some analysts have published their assumptions about the hardware in the fifth-generation iPad. Sings let’s see what analysts said. New gadget will likely be weigh 500 grams. It will be 15% thinner and 25% lighter than iPad 4. The device will run on a processor A7X, and have a camera similar to those in the iPad 4 [5 megapixels]. The hull shape, colors and display frame will be the same as on the iPad mini. It is expected that the sensory part of the display will be made on the technology GF2 (as in the iPad mini), which would make the part thinner. A power-efficient chip finally allow Apple to reduce the number of segments of the battery – from three to two – without loss of battery life. Mass production and delivery of the new iPad will begin in August or September.

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